About Noemi

photo of Noemi a brown person of color, with black-red curly hair looking off center at the camera not smiling, dark lipstick. They are wearing a black shirt that reads decolonize: body love.

Noemi Ixchel Martinez is a poet-curandera mixed media artist, writer, historian and cultural worker with Mexican and Caribbean roots. Born in Chicago, the Rio Grande Valley now is home.

I have an undergraduate degree from UT-El Paso and completed Mexican American Culture, museum studies and archives work at the University of Texas-Pan American (now the University of Texas-RGV). I received a MAIS from Western New Mexico University with concentrations in history and writing. My next degree will probably take me into the arts in medicine route.  I am the daughter of a bracero who came to the United States as a laborer (guest worker) and the daughter of a Puerto Rican woman who came to the US as a young girl with her family because colonialism.

I’m a long time zinester interested in alt.media, diy, edupunk, veg*n baking, indigenous issues, queer theory and reclamation, mestiza identity, borderland studies, women of color in alt media, raising brown boys, learning disabilities, invisible disabilities, crip identity,  Mexican American/chican@ history, 1st generation Mexican, 1st generation Puerto Rican identity, Texas/Mexico border history, raising spitfire chicanas, single parenting in alt cultures, raising teens/kids with disabilities, raising neurodiverse kids/teens and parenting as a neurodiverse queer parent.

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