Areas of expertise

Race/ethnicity, culture-the Chicana/Mexican-American Identity and culture, Indigenous people of Texas, New Mexico and border area; Texas/Mexico history prior to 1848 -present. The United States”wild west” mythology that disappears people of color on the frontier; harmful representations of Mexican, Mexican-American and Indigenous people in historical writing. Gloria Anzaldua, borderlands theory, zines, Mexican American history, Chican@/x history, “home”/identity of immigrants/migrants, 1st generation Mexican-Americans, society’s view on single mothers of color, working class topics, disability and people of color, disability and tech, accessibility, people of color in disability movements, people of color in publishing, Mexico 1820-1848, South Texas history, neurodiversity, queer people of color, WOC feminism, mujerista as a movement.  Alternative media, zines, history of alternative media for minorities, in Texas, for women in Texas; development of small press for underrepresented minorities in the 1800s.

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