Poetry Coach

I would love to work with you if you want to explore and write poetry based on the Collective tarot deck or the Mother Peace Tarot deck.
If you would like to explore your poetry and writing with me and use techniques I’ve created we can work together either in a group form as a class or on an individual basis.
If you’d like to attend a writing to heal workshop or writing to heal with the tarot workshop, sign up here to be notified of upcoming classes. I am planning on offering online classes in the next few months on several different topics. I am also designing a self-paced class for those that don’t have time to give feedback to others as in traditional writing/poetry classes or who don’t do well in those type of environments. This would be for those that don’t want to interact with others and still receive prompts, examples and “lectures.” Let me know here if you’d like to take part in on of these classes.



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