I do sensitivity readings for outlines, working drafts, all manuscripts and at all stages-identities I read for include-latinx, first generation, queer, crip representation.
I read adult and YA fiction. I also do poetry work and readings that are nonfiction such as: guidebooks, historical accounts, workbooks and. educational work.
A full list in included below.
Contact me at or the form below to get a contract started to review your manuscript.  Please let me know the length of your project, the summary and genre of your project and the identities or marginalizations of characters.
Identities and areas of expertise: 
Race/ethnicity, culture-the Chicana/Mexican-American Identity and culture, afro-latinx, Indigenous people of Texas, New Mexico and border area; Texas/Mexico history prior to 1848 -present. The United States”wild west” mythology that disappears people of color on the frontier; harmful representations of Mexican, Mexican-American and Indigenous people in historical writing. Gloria Anzaldua, borderlands theory, zines, Mexican American history, Chican@/x history, “home”/identity of immigrants/migrants, 1st generation Mexican-Americans, society’s view on single mothers of color, working class topics, disability and people of color, disability and tech, accessibility, people of color in disability movements, people of color in publishing, Mexico 1820-1848, South Texas history, neurodiversity, queer people of color, WOC feminism, mujerista as a movement.  Alternative media, zines, history of alternative media for minorities, in Texas, for women in Texas; development of small press for underrepresented.


I am available to do evaluations and critique services for your articles, essays, poetry and manuscripts.

I look for any bias, problems in language, stereotypes and negatively charged language with special focus in my areas of expertise as detailed below. If there is a specific cultural identity that you’d like me to be aware of, I’ll make notes where appropriate or when I believe it might come across as insensitive or raise alarms.

Type of work: 

I’ve worked on consultations for children’s books, YA lit, sci-fi, supernatural, historical fiction, curriculums, worksheet booklets, newsletters and pamphlets for companies and non-profits.
While it seems my name has been going around in the YA lit crowd (which I love!), I also love and can do reads on scifi, poetry, creative nonfiction, pitches, college papers and promo material.



Life experience, education and work experience.

Disability/ identity of cripness, queerness, single parenting, Queer issues, Latinx, latin@ issues and identity, Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicanx, race/culture and stereotypes. I have an undergraduate degree from UT-El Paso with concentrations in language arts and a Master’s from Western New Mexico U with concentrations in writing and history.


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