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Navigating Diversity Through Storytelling

Sensitivity reader, cultural worker, diversity editor, researcher focusing on disability, neurodivergency & diversity

Diversity in Creative Projects with a Decade of Experience

I specialize in providing consultations as a sensitivity reader and cultural editor, offering insights and guidance on manuscripts, articles, video games, scripts, character gaming profiles, and a variety of other creative projects. Additionally, I provide editorial services for both fiction and nonfiction across various genres.

Ready to create inclusive and authentic content? Let's collaborate on your next project. Contact me today to get started.

Expert Diversity and Authenticity Editing

I specialize in providing comprehensive editing services tailored to the authenticity and inclusivity of your content. With over a decade of experience, my areas of expertise encompass sensitivity reading, authenticity editing, and diversity editing, each focusing on different aspects crucial to creating impactful narratives.

**Sensitivity Reading for Disabilities:**

I offer sensitivity reading services specifically tailored to disabilities, ensuring accurate and respectful portrayal of characters with diverse abilities. Whether it's addressing language, stereotypes, or representation, my goal is to provide insightful feedback to enhance the authenticity and sensitivity of your characters' experiences.

**Diversity Editing for Cultural Accuracy and Sensitivity**

My diversity editing services draw from both my lived experience and academic training in writing and history. This enables me to ensure cultural accuracy and sensitivity across various narratives, including those featuring queer characters and themes related to the LGBTQ+ community. From capturing the nuances of different cultural identities to addressing biases and harmful language, I leverage my unique blend of experiences to promote inclusivity and respect in storytelling.

**Authenticity Editing**

Authenticity editing goes beyond sensitivity reading and diversity editing to delve into the intricacies of cultural authenticity. With my lived experience and academic background, particularly within Mexican-American culture, growing up in a Chicanx, Puerto Rican family and community and the experiences of first-generation Americans.

This includes capturing the nuances of Spanglish, reflecting the vibrancy of South Texas culture, and authentically depicting the journey of first-generation Americans. My meticulous review process ensures your content authentically reflects the richness of diverse experiences while promoting inclusivity and respect.

Each aspect of my editing services is designed to provide comprehensive support in crafting narratives that are both authentic and inclusive informed by my lived and learned experience.

Whether you're looking to enhance the portrayal of characters with disabilities, ensure cultural accuracy and sensitivity, or infuse your narrative with the richness of diverse experiences, I'm here to collaborate with you every step of the way.

As someone deeply passionate about crafting narratives that reflect diverse experiences, I'm excited to collaborate with you on your next project. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward creating impactful and culturally sensitive content






Noemi’s work is thoughtful, thorough, and clear. She provided helpful and actionable notes that I was able to share directly with the author, and did so very quickly. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reader.

John Sollitto, writer of Veritas

Noemi was incredibly helpful in giving me constructive feedback that gave me better understanding and knowledge that has aided me in creating characters that are more nuanced and conscious of literary tropes that I wanted to avoid. She was professional, communicative, and I truly felt

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like she cared about my project and wanted to aid me in writing the best comic I could. I'm very grateful for her perspective and knowledge.

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Noemi has repeatedly come through for us. Noemi has read through manuscripts for us to find problematic areas and point out racist, ableist, and homophobic content that slipped past both the writer and us, the publishers. Noemi has also advised us in our event productions,

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helping us go through potential writers to feature, advising us on the candidates and problematic content from them that we may have missed. We are fortunate to have found an expert such as Noemi who we can turn to, someone we

feel has not only been an editor-for-hire, but has strongly contributed to the way we continue to do our work. We believe that anybody who is in need of an editor with a sharp eye for writing and social context can’t go wrong with Noemi Ixchel Martinez.

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Melis Amber, writer

Noemí was a sensitivity reader for my young adult manuscript. She read for “issues of race and American politics, including racism, gender, sexualities, spectrums of genders and sexualities, and learning disabilities and neurodivergency.” Noemí provided thoughtful feedback that made me think about my work in a

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different light. Even when their notes mentioned things I did well, their explanations always included a “why,” which will be invaluable going forward. I will come back to these notes often.

Not only does Noemí provide a precious and necessary service, but she offers special rates to writers of certain marginalized identities (which others can help sponsor!). This rate was nothing short of a life raft for me, as I can imagine it will be for other writers in the same (or similar) boat. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Noemí as a sensitivity reader and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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writer Jess Nevins

jess nevins, writer

Noemí's feedback on my story was invaluable. Her comments were insightful, well phrased, and constructive. I would her her again in an instant!

Rohit Bhargava, Author & Founder

Ideapress Publishing

We engaged Noemí on an important sensitivity reading project for one of our frontlist books and her work was thoughtful, useful and timely. Our authors and the entire team benefitted from the perspective she delivered and we would not hesitate to work with her again on future projects.




Noemí lent us her talents for an authenticity read with an eye towards the first-generation Mexican-American experience. Her detailed, deft notes showcase her astute eye and professionalism for such work, and we feel confident that the novel is all the better for it. Thanks, Noemí!



Noemi Martinez Turull reviewed my 45,000-word experimental (prose, poetry, mixed-media, photography) memoir manuscript, providing a thorough response evaluating cultural sensitivity - particularly concerning race and ethnicity, disability, gender, sexuality, religion and class-

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misrepresentation, authenticity, and bias. My memoir also deals with ambiguous loss, a form of grief. Her response was detailed, including additional information regarding one of my specific concerns, and timely as agreed. I highly recommend her services.

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I hired Noemi to do a sensitivity read on an essay. On the requirement of a very quick turn-around, Noemi did a detailed, instructive, careful reading that identified several points I needed to think harder about; suggested stronger and more accurate language; and addressed issues

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that hadn't yet occurred to me. As requested, Noemi addressed issues of ableism; however, she also did a good general sensitivity read to identify other possible problems. It was a real pleasure to be educated and edited in this way.

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Among the list of experts in their field are sensitivity readers and diversity editors.