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I have an undergraduate degree from UT-El Paso in multidisciplinary studies and completed Mexican American Culture, museum studies and archives work at the University of Texas-Pan American, now the University of Texas-RGV. I received a MAIS from Western New Mexico University with concentrations in history and writing. My concentrations focused on Indigenous people of the Southwest and Texas and small publishing and the printing press.


I am the daughter of a Mexican bracero worker who came to the United States as a laborer under the guest worker program of the 1940s and the daughter of a Puerto Rican woman who came to the US as a young girl with her family because of colonialism and imperialism in the Caribbean. I’m a long time zinester interested in, diy, edupunk, veg*n baking, indigenous issues, queer theory and reclamation, mestiza identity, borderland studies, women of color in alt media, 1st generation Mexican, 1st generation Puerto Rican identity, Texas/Mexico border history, raising spitfire chicanas, single parenting in alt cultures, raising teens/kids with disabilities, raising neurodiverse kids/teens and parenting as a neurodiverse queer parent.



I grew up in Chicago and then up and down South Texas, spending summers and my teen years in Mexico and living by myself and extended family as I got older. A learning disorder went undiagnosed until my 20s and although I loved to read, I dropped out of school during my 8th-grade year. 


I use poetry, creative nonfiction and sometimes mixed media to express the disconnect and discontent of living between and away from homelands once removed. I also use poetry and creative nonfiction to tell stories of pain and chronic illness, grief, disability, and our connections to moored place and space.


I’m a long time zinester interested in, subcultures & sub communities, the creations of subcultures, diy, edupunk, solar punk, indigenous issues, crip/sick & autistic identity in queer & POC spaces, queer and nonbinary & trans identity, b/Borderland studies, women of color in zine & grrrl history, 1st generation Mexican, 1st generation Puerto Rican identity, Texas/Mexico border history, saving the flora & fauna of the border area & saving the beautiful ocelots of the Rio Grande Valley.

What type of

editor am I?

I offer diversity editing, also known as sensitivity reading, authenticity reading or expert consultations.
My areas of concentration are disability, neurodivergency & diversity.
I’ll assess your manuscripts and writing projects, focusing on any problems in language, stereotypes, bias, or harmful language, and deliver an editorial letter.