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My name is Noemi Martinez and I am a sensitivity reader, cultural worker, diversity editor & researcher. 

My specialities are disability, neurodivergency & diversity. Contact me if you are in need of an experienced cultural editor, sensitivity reading, authenticity reader or any diversity & inclusion questions or research in your manuscripts & media.

I am available to do evaluations and editorial services for your articles, essays, poetry collections, chapbooks and manuscripts. I also provide editorial services such as manuscript consultations, language editing, feedback and detailed notes depending on where you are on your project, your timeline and your budget. 

When I do a sensitivity read, I look for any bias, problems in language, stereotypes and negatively charged language with special focus in my areas of expertise as detailed to the right. If there is a specific  identity that you’d like me to be aware of, I’ll make notes where appropriate or when I believe it might come across as insensitive to audiences. I deliver my notes in a document to the editor or writer along with any areas that I believe contain harmful representations, stereotypes or inaccuracies. 


Areas of Expertise


2021 Rates*:

Rates for sensitivity reads for articles start at $50 per page (250 words industry standard).

Manuscript rates depend on length, protect turnaround and editing services required.

For sensitivity reads-rates start at 0.017 per word for manuscript of 40k or more.

Editorial services, which includes dialogue editing and development editing, are in addition to sensitivity reads when adjustments are necessary and are billed at an hourly rate starting at $40/hr.

Research services are billed by the hour and can be done at any point of the of writer’s project.


Urgent jobs have added fees.

What’s the process?

2021 rates are adjusted according to the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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