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Speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements & Readings


Selective openings via Zoom, Chat & Teleconference meetings, panels, virtual reality

I’m available state-wide as requested and as my schedule allows.

I’m available for readings and workshops on topics such as zines, women of color in zines, South Texas history, borderlands, Gloria Anzaldua, zines as alternative forms of media, zines as teaching tools, zines as communication and radical acts.

I can also attend readings in person or virtually, where my poems and/or essays, books, zine, zine anthology are discussed or have been part of lessons. I have also given demonstrations on zines, making zines, disability and accessibility in zines, Chicanas, latinx, women of color in zines, documenting zines, language access in zines,  community building through zines, zines as and more. I have also attended as part a discussion on zines in several different departments.  


For a list of published poems, creative nonfiction and essays and their themes and subjects, check here.



I grew up in Chicago and then up and down South Texas, spending summers and my teen years in Mexico and living by myself and extended family as I got older. A learning disorder went undiagnosed until my 20s and although I loved to read, I dropped out of school during my 8th-grade year. 


I use poetry, creative nonfiction and sometimes mixed media to express the disconnect and discontent of living between and away from homelands once removed. I also use poetry and creative nonfiction to tell stories of pain and chronic illness, grief, disability, and our connections to moored place and space.


I’m a long time zinester interested in, subcultures & sub communities, the creations of subcultures, diy, edupunk, solar punk, indigenous issues, crip/sick & autistic identity in queer & POC spaces, queer and nonbinary & trans identity, b/Borderland studies, women of color in zine & grrrl history, 1st generation Mexican, 1st generation Puerto Rican identity, Texas/Mexico border history, saving the flora & fauna of the border area & saving the beautiful ocelots of the Rio Grande Valley.

What type of

editor am I?

I offer diversity editing, also known as sensitivity reading, authenticity reading or expert consultations.
My areas of concentration are disability, neurodivergency & diversity.
I’ll assess your manuscripts and writing projects, focusing on any problems in language, stereotypes, bias, or harmful language, and deliver an editorial letter.