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I look for any bias, problems in language, stereotypes and negatively charged language with special focus in my areas of expertise.

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Noemi Martinez is a writer, historian and researcher.

About Noemi

Noemi Martinez is a freelance writer living in South Texas. 


Life experience, education and work experience.

Disability/ identity of cripness, queerness, single parenting, Queer issues, Latinx, latin@ issues and identity, Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicanx, race/culture and stereotypes. Child of a Puerto Rican mother born on the mainland (Puerto Ricans experience something similar to immigrant living but have unique and different connections to immigration and to the way Americans decide to display their discrimination and xenophobia against them). I am also the child of a Mexican father who came to the United States as a Bracero.   Bilingualism For example, Spanish/English, specifically Mexican-American, Chican@-English and Tex-Mex authenticity. 

Areas of expertise

Race/ethnicity, culture-the Chicana/Mexican-American Identity and culture, Indigenous people of Texas, New Mexico and border area; Texas/Mexico history prior to 1848 -present. The United States”wild west” mythology that disappears people of color on the frontier; harmful representations of Mexican, Mexican-American and Indigenous people in historical writing. Gloria Anzaldua, borderlands theory, zines, Mexican American history, Chican@/x history, “home”/identity of immigrants/migrants, 1st generation Mexican-Americans, society’s view on single mothers of color, working class topics, disability and people of color, disability and tech, accessibility, people of color in disability movements, people of color in publishing, Mexico 1820-1848, South Texas history, neurodiversity, queer people of color, WOC feminism, mujerista as a movement.  Alternative media, zines, history of alternative media for minorities, in Texas, for women in Texas; development of small press for underrepresented minorities in the 1800s.


freelance writer & guest writer
full-time (remote or partial remote) writer or other position; onsite, RGV or Austin
sensitivity reader
curriculum writing
poetry coach
cultural critic, in form of essays, quotes or expert in the areas below


"I incorporate historical and cultural elements into my paranormal fiction to give readers a more immersive experience, and wanted to feel more confident that I’d interpreted research materials with the appropriate amount of sensitivity. I found Noemi to be a knowledgeable historian of Mesoamerica and the modern Southwest, and her notes reminded me of the incredible importance of considering the bias in texts."
-Holley Trent is an award-winning bestseller author of diverse romance fiction

Noemi worked as a copy writer with me on a curriculum. She is a gem. We had a short turn around time and I was impressed with the quality of copy and research with the time parameters, especially for such a reasonable charge. I would definitely ask her to join me on another project and would recommend her to others.

Stacey Milbern

Noemi is an excellent editor! As I work through her suggested edits my troubled paragraphs change from run-on-sentences, vague unsubstantiated and confusing, to actually looking pretty good. To the essay I would like it to be. Noemi offers professional editing and experienced feedback. She will help you find your way in the thicket to a piece of writing that is clear and concise with offering also knowledge of standard practices in grammar, syntax, and journalism. She also helps you learn to be a better writer by leaving clear and concise comments. She is in this way a teacher as well. I highly recommend her. A good editor is a beautiful thing!

China Martens
Noemi was my Sensitivity Reader for a picture book about a LGBTQ family. She was thorough and professional, plus she was able to get my manuscript back to me in a very timely manner.
Teri B.

I needed a manuscript read with quick turnaround and she was able to deliver, quickly. Was a pleasure to work with. 

JA, writer




We've Always Been Here: One Mujerista Talks Back to Intersectionality and White Feminism, Bitch Media

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How Workplaces Discriminate Against People of Multiple Marginalized Identities, Rooted in Rights.
Between la abuela Hillary y el Tio Bernie, Medium.

Single Mamis on Father's Day, Xicana Chronicles.

Uncovered History: The Center of Culinary Co-opt in Motion, Austin, TX, Medium.

The Five Scariest Places in South Texas, Hermana Resist.

Some of Us Will Survive, Hip Mama Zine.

This is What Radical Mamihood Looks Like, Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Line. 

Maria Maria Interview in Make/Shift Issue 18

Make/Shift Issue 20. The Final issue. 




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