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Diverse Specializations

**Sensitivity Reading & Diversity Editing**

 Areas of Expertise

In my role as an authenticity reader and diversity editor, I've drawn from a range of personal, familial, and educational experiences. These aspects form the foundation of my insights into character backgrounds and narrative elements.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If there's a character's background or narrative nuance you'd like to delve into, I'm here. Your story deserves precision and care, and I'm ready to ensure it sails smoothly through the vast space of storytelling.

  • Disability
  • People of color and diversity
  • Identity
  • Geography
  • Research areas
  • Preferred genres-fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • neurodiversity & neurodivergency
  • parenting on the spectrum
  • learning disability
  • dyscalculia
  • technology in the future
  • accessibility
  • autism/people on the spectrum/ girls, women non-binary people on the spectrum
  • people of color & disability/ use of tech
  • Mental illness, anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, suicidal ideation, PTSD, C-PTSD, generalized &social anxiety
  • chronic pain/illness
  • scoliosis, arthritis of the spine, myalgic encephalomyelitis
  • extended hospital stays
  • Encephalomyelitis & brain injuries
  • ICU & PICU psychosis or called delirium
People of color and diversity
  • people of color/ Latinx/ racial issues in the US and society, inequality, realization of institutionalized systemic racism as a child, young adult, first generation American, child of immigrants, child of farm workers, child of Spanish speakers, child of diaspora, queer child; all previous also as a teen, etc.
  • queer, nonbinary, femme marginalized people of color
  • the bracero movement
  • bicultural identity
  • mujerista feminism
  • chicana/chicanx/ latinx identity
  • 1st generation children of immigrants
  • 1st gen Mexican, Mexican-American 1st gen Puerto-Rican experience
  • general sensitivity reading for areas of racism
  • LGBTQIAP+, specializing in transgender (AFAB), nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid, asexual and aromantic spectrum characters
  • "preachers kid" extremely religious household
  • queer identity

*refer to other tabs for more identities

  • Specific local landmarks in the Rio Grande Valley, TX
  • Specific local fauna of the RGV
  • the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas area
  • Hidalgo, Starr and surrounding counties in Texas
  • Rio Grande Valley lore, culture and customs
  • General Mexican & Chicanx customs, traditions and lore
Research areas
  • the wild west mythology of the United States that disappears indigenous and makes way for settling
  • society’s views of single mother’s of color
  • Mexican American history
  • South Texas History
  • Mexico/Texas border history before 1848-Mexican revolution
  • DIY and the DIY subculture of alternative media in the US in reference to zines and women of color, people of color, timeframe 1990s
  • personal experience of zines, zine making since the 90s
Preferred genres-fiction
  • literary fiction
  • action & adventure
  • literary fiction
  • mystery/detective fiction
  • thriller & suspense (including the subgenres of conspiracy, erotic, psychological, romantic, techno-thriller)
  • horror/ paranormal /ghost
  • romance (and most of the subgenres such as time travel romance, fantasy romance, science fiction romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, romantic comedy, etc.
  • erotica
  • fantasy (and subgenres such as cyberpunk, dark fantasy, gothic fiction, lost world fantasy, etc.)
  • science fiction
  • speculative fiction
  • realist literature
  • new adult
  • children's books (text and no text)
  • coming of age/YA (and subgenres such as young adult short story collections, YA science fiction, urban fantasy for YA, YA romance literature, manga, graphic novels, etc.)
  • reviews
  • creative nonfiction
  • essays
  • letters
  • travel diaries
  • food writing
  • educational material
  • newsletters
  • lesson plans
  • book & magazine covers
  • scripts for games, commercials, etc.