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At what stage should you consult a diversity editor?

The sensitivity reader or diversity editor often comes in towards the end of the writing or production process, when all of the above technicalities are taken care of by other experts.

But that’s not always the case.

I’ve found diversity editors and authenticity experts can be useful in several stages of writing.

A diversity editor does not correct inconsistencies in spelling or grammar, that’s what your copy editor does.

Headings, paragraphs and structural problems are taken care of by your proofreader. A developmental editor assists in the shaping of your manuscript and works through the plot, story arc, pacing, and all the tasty parts that make for good fiction.

 And before all this, you might’ve started working on your manuscript with a writing coach or in a writing workshop.

In my experience of being a diversity editor, I’ve consulted with editors and writers during several stages of the process.

It often depends on the subject of the book and the topics covered within.