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Creative Work

Creative Work

Noemi Martinez



X-R-A-Y Lit Magazine, Jewel of the Delta, creative nonfiction. April 2020.

Raising Mothers, To the Ghost at Sea, Give Her Back, auto historian poem. September 2020.



Doubleback Review, issue 1:1, October 2019

Witness: on tejana borderland chicana tongues on fire

Guest speaker, Chicana/Latina feminism class, Santa Barbara College, California, July 2019



editor, #nofuckingwall issue, Poems & Numbers lit mag

The Hermana Resist Zine Anthology. December 2018 Hermanx Resist Press,

Stirring: A Literary Collection, Fall 2018 Vol 20 Ed. 4

"time frame 7 (ghosts}', Screenprint, acrylic mixed media on paper

"Renewal in Faith and Hope," Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People, edited by Alice Wong. Essay. October 2018

13 Myna Birds. Time frame 6, End time frame. Sept 2018.

Screenprint, acrylic, mixed media on paper.

Submission in zine, Women Speak! 100thousand poets for change zine, San Antonio, Sept 2018.

yr not gonna say it back?, dear cristela, in my body is this poem, it comes, meat and our bodies are shells that remind us we belong to the ocean. Poems in Rigorous, Vol 2, issue 3. July 2018.

El Mundo Zurdo Conference Gloria Anzaldua Society: reading, May 2018.

Rest for Resistance, Past and Present Selfs, pastel mixed media art piece, April 2018.



Editor, zine, Marley and Us, written with Winter B. Martinez.

Editor, litmag, #nofuckingwall issue 1, Poems and Numbers.

Alyss, 2017 Inauguration Edition, January 2017. Groundbreaking Study Confirms White People Sleep Better at Night.

Bitch Media, February 2017. We've Always Been Here: One Mujerista Talks Back to Intersectionality and White Feminism.

El Retorno: El Valle Celebra Nuestra Gloria, reading. May 2017.

Roots, art piece, cover Reclaiming our own Transcendence media,November 2017.



Yellow Chair Review, poet-in residence.

TAYO Literary Magazine, Special issue #sayhername, less than.

Jellyfish Review, September 2016. Miranda Mendoza & Leticia Mejia, fictionalized memoir.

The Deaf Poets Society, Issue 2: October 2016. Passage of Time in Hospitals.

Rooted In Rights, How Workplaces Discriminate Against People of Multiple Marginalized Identities, essay. November 2016.

Hip Mama, Some of Us Will Survive. November 2016

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines: This is What Radical Mamihood Looks Like, essay. March 2016.

Sirenas Revolutionary Mothering Book Tour- Poster art work October 2016.


Neta, Reclama Award for storytelling, 2017

nominated for two Pushcart Prizes for poetry in 2015


MAIS, Concentrations in History & Writing

Western New Mexico University, New Mexico, 2015

BA, Language Arts, University of Texas- El Paso El Paso, Texas, 2011

Poynter News U & ACES: Society for Editing Certificate in Editing, 2021