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Project Ethics & Privacy

**Sensitivity Reading & Diversity Editing**

General bookings are currently open. Special rates for marginalized narratives are available now.

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Project Agreements & Confidentiality:

Project Initiation:

Every collaboration kicks off with a comprehensive Letter of Agreement (LOA), mutually signed for transparent and secure engagement.

This commitment is a standard practice aimed at ensuring the smoothest journey for everyone. Detailed instructions and outlined steps facilitate a smoother workflow, ensuring that expectations are met effectively.

Additionally, I am amenable to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and other confidentiality agreements as required.

Managing Expectations:

Collaborating with a diversity editor or authenticity reader offers valuable insights, but it's crucial to recognize that experiences aren't universal. Others may hold differing opinions. As a sensitivity reader, my role is to guide and advise—not endorse your work. If you plan to mention my name in acknowledgments, please seek my consent, typically granted after reviewing the final version.

Payment Details:

Payments are generally processed upfront after the LOA is signed and checks have cleared. I accept payments via Paypal, check, or direct deposit. To facilitate collaboration, flexible payment plans are available, particularly tailored for indie and self-published writers. The process involves prepayment, followed by the delivery of partial manuscripts and assessment letters until the completion of the entire manuscript. Please be aware that all payments are nonrefundable.

Turnaround Commitment:

Turnaround times are subject to my availability, project length, and specific client needs, typically ranging from 2-4 weeks. For urgent requirements, such as rush deliveries or immediate feedback for live articles, an additional fee is applicable on top of the standard sensitivity reading cost. To ensure smooth operations, scheduling these urgencies in advance is advisable.