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Special Reduced Rates for Marginalized Narratives

Diversity & authenticity editing

**Special rates for writers who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color

& Gender Diverse People**


Heat: For BIPOC writers: on romance

Beyond: For BIPOC writers: on speculative YA fiction

Riot: For BIPOC writers on queer fiction

0101: BIPOC writers w/ characters with dyscalculia

Code +: Marginalized genders & Gender Diverse People

These rates apply when I am contacted by the writer.

*I have to schedule these 8 weeks in advance. Availability is limited to a certain number per month.  

If you'd like to sponsor a reading under this rate for another writer, we can do that too.

I’ll implement a system to donate towards this in the next few weeks and will announce the availability of a sponsored reading on my Twitter.